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    This is how to can turn off this plugin so you can get back in.
    By database means
    1.login to your database.
    2.look for a table call wp_options
    3.look for WP_CB_active under option_name
    4.click on edit on that line.
    5.change it from on to off
    6.click on go
    Now you should have turn off the plugin and now able to see your site again

    If you do not have database access but have ftp or something like this that you can edit the source code.
    1.go to the folder call root, www, or wp-content.
    2.click on folder in older wp-content then plugins then country blocker
    3.click on the file call block-all.php open it with note pad or code editor
    4.look for the line number 39
    5.you will see code like ==”on”) add a 1 in ” ” so it will look like ==”on1″)
    6.save your change and go to your web site.

    if that is to much for you please put in a support ticket in.

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