What this dose in block people base on the IP that they are using. This will check each user that comes on your web site. The ideal is if you are a local business that only want people of your country to see your web site. if you got hack a lot. By limiting from where to can see your site can help in this trouble.

The cost is FREE we only ask for a Donate to help us on are next update if need or next project.

We use a web service call https://ipstack.com this is a free service but if you have more then 10,000 requests per month you can find out the best plan for your web site.

You do use a site call https://ipstack.com that handle all IP to GEO.

If this become to big we will do the IP to GEO in house.


We have rewrite the code it fix trouble within the code

We are on Version 2.0 if you see a bug in the software please we want to know so we can fix it.

Are You lock out of your web site????

This work only on 2.0 version

A blackdoor to turn off this ***plugin ONLY*** if you need to used this. You will need to type in at the end of the url ?help=yes. You need to fill in the info. Then run the it.

On old version do this

Click here to read how to stop the plugin.

Note you will need to know how it login to your database